Free Form Booty Jazz

by anosa

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General Mumble what a beautiful beautiful... thing... this is Favorite track: the state of booty to come.


a magical journey into the realm of free form booty jazz.


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released October 21, 2013

booty art by Zelter @





hi im sci.

(last name ano, first name sci. anosci.)

i make things.

as a rule of thumb:
if it's released under the name of anosa, it's probably really loud or energetic. or house.

if it's released under sci, it might be chillout, but it could be anything.

(anosci releases are somewhere in between.)
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Track Name: Introduction to booty jazz (part Cmaj)
bounce that big white juicy booty (yeah)
if you got that booty get on the floor and work that dookie (c'mon)
Track Name: introduction to booty jazz (part Dmin)
work it work it work it work it work it work it work it work it work it work it
work that booty
work that booty
work that booty
work that booty
Track Name: free form booty
now you must acquire a taste for free form jazz
face down ass up that's the way we like to fuck
work that booty
ass humping, speakers pumping, the party's back and I started something
Track Name: booty train
shake your rump
bounce that ass
Track Name: booty syncopation
make that ass clap
unf, shake that ass
every girl in the room make it so when you shake it

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