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enoch kim // cnd9 sci shows off his versatility in three stunning remixes that go everywhere from glittering ambient to groovy acid funk to wonderfully weird avant-garde hardcore. Favorite track: jesus lives in my attic (water into funk rmx).


As a musician, I am constantly picking up ideas and influences from everything I listen to.

But there were 3 influences that set me on the path I would follow for 8 years (and counting).

...even if they had no idea at the time.

First, xerxes.
Xerxes taught me that it's not always about the notes you play, but the groove you have.
This came as an epiphany to me as I was listening to "my roots", funnily enough.

Through a much slower process, xerxes also provided a heavy influence on an airy, chilled out style that I used heavily from 2007 to 2011.

check out his bandcamp:
("claire skies" is featured on Selected Works Vol 3)


Second, beek.
beek taught me how to jam.
A#, pitch bends, vibrato, ass-kicking. that all started with beek.

Somewhat less obvious, but still something I picked up from beek, is the use of filters. I don't do it often any more, but I love the idea of using filter modulation to emphasize certian notes in a groove. That came from beek. (see: "martian pron paradise")

check out his bandcamp:

the song I remixed is not featured on his bandcamp, so here's a youtube link:


Third, Mazedude.
Mazedude introduced me to the concept of making music with trackers.
Shortly after figuring out how to make the most rudimentary of sounds, I emailed him about it.
He replied kindly, with encouraging words, despite how terrible I was at the concept of music.

Without that, I would simply not be where I am now.

check out his bandcamp:

the song I remixed is not featured on his bandcamp, so here's a link to his site instead:


Each of these remixes presented a sizable challenge for me, but after 3 years of working and reworking, I'm happy to share the results.

It's a mix of what I've learned from each artist featured here, and what I've learned in my 8 years of making music.

It's a sample of what I consider my style, for all 3 variations of my name that I use.

3 influences, 3 aliases, 3 songs.




tumblr post for this album:


released November 1, 2014





hi im sci.

(last name ano, first name sci. anosci.)

i make things.

as a rule of thumb:
if it's released under the name of anosa, it's probably really loud or energetic. or house.

if it's released under sci, it might be chillout, but it could be anything.

(anosci releases are somewhere in between.)
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